Testimonies by models

Nude photography in NYC - Fotografia de desnudos en Nueva York.
“Thanks a lot for the pictures, they were very professional and I love them.
Hope to have some more taken soon again.”_Hakeem

Nude photography in NYC - Fotografía de desnudos en Nueva York.
“Quiero agradecerte por tu trabajo y profecionalismo que mostraste al trabajar conmigo en mi sección de fotos. Lo que más me encanto es el respeto que tu tienes hacia tus modelos.
Siempre agradecido y dispuesto a volver a trabajar contigo. Es mi pensamiento y testimonio de ti. Gracias.”_Carlos.

Fotografo de desnudos en la Ciudad de Nueva York.  Nude photographer in New York City.
“Esta fue mi primera experiencia fabulosa. Mi idea era mostrar y descubrir lo que poseía, claro plasmado en fotografía, y la logré, gracias a la confianza y seguridad que me brindastes. Y por supuesto lo haría otra vez, encantado. MUCHA SUERTE. ADELANTE CON EL PROYECTO EN MENTE.”_Alfonso

Fotografo de desnudos en la Ciudad de Nueva York.  Nude photographer in New York City.
“I am really happy with the pictures. Like I said I am not that photogenic, but you make me feel like I can be if I have pictures taken by somebody with a good eye, that knows how to give good directions because when you are in a models position that is what is so important, not to mention feeling comfortable with the person who is taking your pictures. You were warm, kind, patient and professional and I really appreciate that, so keep up the good work. Can’t wait to do it again.”_Stan

I had the opportunity to create this beautiful nude photograph with this model. I had an amazing time creating art. I would love to create nude photographs with you. Let’s create art for your home, office, social media, etc. Contact me today: ArtDesnudo.com
Model: Toni.

“It was a pleasure working with you and CAN’T WAIT UNTIL THE NEXT TIME! You made my first nude modeling experience feel very comfortable!”_Toni

Reviews by others

“Beautiful work! Love your style.”_Jon

“Your photography is beautiful and very creative. You are very talented.”_James

“I think that your art is beautiful and that we a New Yorkers should be comfortable with the human form in all of its glory!”_Zacharae

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