Is legal to create nude art with your body in public places in NYC?


Thursday, August 8, 2019. New York City – Nude models usually ask me if it is legal to be nude in public places in New York City.

Public nudity is legal in New York City when it’s for artistic purposes, such as a play, a performance, photography, body painting, an art show, etc..

In 2011, Artist Andy Golub painted model Zoe West a at bodypainting project in Times Square. Zoe was arrested. Golub was not arrested. After an approximately an hour in unclothed custody, West was released without charges. Zoe West sued the city over the arrest, and New York City (taxpayers) paid her a $15,000 settlement.

Her attorney, civil rights lawyer Ron Kuby said West never should have been arrested. Kuby also said: “The beauty of New York City is a naked girl can win a nice suit.”

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Is legal for women to be topless in New York City?

YES, it is legal! Many people do not know, but women have been legally allowed to go topless in public in New York City since 1992. Click here to read more about the law.

Sunday, June 25, 2017. 48th NYC (LGBTQ) Pride March. Photo by
June 2017. Manhattan, New York City – NYC (LGBTQ) Pride March.

Andy Golub

Andy Golub says on his website, “Andy Golub is a world renowned artist specializing in public art and body art. His public performances have changed nudity laws in New York City and opened the doors for free expression for many other artists. Founder of the international non-profit Human Connection Arts, Golub’s work has been featured in many events in NYC, Amsterdam, Brussels, Berlin and San Francisco.

Golub’s body art is both interactive and spontaneous. He does not objectify his models, but relies on a spiritual connection between artist and model for inspiration, revealing an inner truth through his art. Golub has painted models of all shapes and sizes, people with disabilities, cancer patients, the elderly and people of all genders.

A strong advocate for public art, Golub has painted murals throughout NYC and in Wynwood, Miami. His painted automobiles have been featured in many NYC parades.

Golub created a new art form that he calls “human canvas” paintings. Large groups of models lay flat, forming a human canvas, spontaneously painted and photographed from above. The largest human canvas painting to date is 17 models.”

Zoë West

Zoë West says on her website, “I am a fine art, fashion and glamour model located in New Orleans LA.

I have over 10 years of modeling experience and over 14 years of acting, including theatrical performances, training from HB Studio in NYC, as well as TV, and film projects. I am also consistently working on costume and Jewelry projects for shoots. I also recently started photography and videography for my patreon.

I have been passionate about art, acting, and fashion my entire life. Most of the images in my portfolio were a collaborative effort between me and the photographer. I love being part of the creative process and can provide my own styling and even building and designing headresses, jewelry and costumes.

I like to be versatile in my work, playing with different concepts, and meanings. If you have a project you would like to discuss with me please don’t hesitate to reach out.”

Model: Christopher.
Model: Christopher.

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Model: Christopher.
Model: Christopher.

Attorney Ronald L. Kuby

Attorney Ronald Kuby says on his website, “The Law Office of Ronald L. Kuby is devoted to opposing the federal and state government as they come up with creative new ways to disproportionately punish people living outside of the law because of their political beliefs, race, class, immigration status, creative impulses and perceived deviance.

We do criminal defense for people with open criminal cases. We also do appeals, and post-conviction work (particularly if you are an immigrant facing deportation for an old conviction or an innocent person who was convicted on the basis of judicial, prosecutorial and/or police misconduct). Occasionally, people will call us because they are being criminalized for their public nudity or artistic expression—we care about that too.

People often ask whether we are civil rights lawyers—we are, for criminal defendants who’s civil rights have been violated.
Ultimately, we’re all about people who have been labeled ‘criminal’.”

Model: Christopher.
Model: Christopher.

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