Some of my favorite nude photographers.


Tuesday, August 13, 2019. New York City – These photographers inspire me to create more nude art. You can see more on their websites or websites where they have more of their nude photographs.

If you are a nude photographer or a nude model, these photographers and models can give you ideas for your next nude photo shoot.

Women and men in New York City (Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island). Let’s create nude art with your body. Pose for me. You get FREE pictures. Click here for info about models. You do not need any experience!

Photograph by Ryan McGinley.
Photograph by Ryan McGinley.

Ryan McGinley

Ryan McGinley was born on October 17, 1977 in Ramsey, New Jersey. He is a contemporary American photographer and artist. He studied Graphic Design at Parsons School. In 1999 he sent a 50-page book with his photos to 100 editors and artists he admired. The book was titled “The Kids Are Alright” and it consisted of exuberant photos that portrayed his friends in New York, some of them also artists such as Dash Snow, Dan Colen and Hannah Liden. At 26, he became the youngest artist to have an individual exhibition at the Whitney Museum in New York.

Look at his photography work on his website

Photograph by Ryan McGinley.
Photograph by Ryan McGinley.

Thomas Bichler

“I’m developing (product-) concepts, writing texts and taking photographs for tourism projects, publishers, agencies, tourism cooperations and fashion labels.

I have also been working on fine art nude photography (at the Bodensee) for the last 15 years. My speciality is black and white photography with a touch of surrealism. I prefer carefully selected outdoor locations, often near Lake Constance, in the Alps or at the Baltic Sea. My images have been featured in a some exhibitions in the past years and where published in calendars, books and magazines. Camera clubs may feel free to get in contact for talks, lectures and/or tutorials about nude art and/or black and white photography.

If you would like to work with me, you should bring time, inspiration and understanding for the topic, have acting talent and be acrobatic. Fine art nude photography is my kind of meditation, which represents an opposite pole to my usually everyday working life, without any stress, hectic or compromises.”_Thomas Bichler

Look at his photography work on his website

Photography by Thomas Bichler.
Photograph by Thomas Bichler.

Gregory Prescott

“He who shines the light that reflects off the skin, intricately created masterpieces, one by one, with much detail like fingers to touch, eyes to see and lips to kiss. He who shines the light gave her breast to feed, feet to walk the land and a tongue to taste the fruit that dangle from the branches that sway to the breeze from his breath. Our bodies are the testimony of the first creation of art. We wear the light like it is a robe. And I reveal to you the true beauty that I see. We are the result of his fine art. My models become the earth, the emotional Ocean, sensuous exotic creatures, tempting forbidden fruit.

I use my camera like a paintbrush, to create beautiful images of the male and female form. My mission is to diversify the cultural spectrum in fine art photography, with classic and timeless pieces.

I am an emerging, self-taught photographer residing in Brooklyn, NY, whom has spent the majority of my life in Houston, TX and Los Angeles, CA. My work consists of an array of photographs of portraits, humans adorned and the human form. I find it interesting to create art using live figures. With my work, I allow everyone to see the true and outstanding beauty of a woman’s curves, the fullness of her lips, the textures of her hair and the grace in the extensions of her arms. I also display the broadness in the man’s back, the signs of struggle in his shoulders and the determination in his eyes. In my photographs, one may witness the essence, sensuality, strong structure and power of the body with the use of passion but without the use of excessive sexuality. I hope that with my photographs, people should be able to further extend their appreciation of the beauty and body of both men and women and see that all people are sensual creatures; sensual creatures with a vast array of skin tones. My photographs have successfully embraced both the inner and outer beauty of men and women. 
GOD is the true artist. I am the channel.”- Gregory Prescott

Look at his photography work on his website

Photograph by Gregory Prescott.
Photograph by Gregory Prescott.

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Photograph by Gregory Prescott.
Photograph by Gregory Prescott.

Sam Livm

“My name is Sam Livm, I was born 1992 in Bolton, United Kingdom, and I’m currently based in New York, NY.
I have 6 years of digital studio photography experience in commercial studios and on location as photographer, photographer’s assistant, producer, digital technician, and retoucher.
I went to Film School at Hunter College. Photography and Films, to me, is documenting my shared experiences with other people through their stories and mine.
Even on a commercial staged shoot, I want to create a connection behind the people I’m creating genuine moments with.”_Sam Livm

Look at her photography work on her website

Photography by Sam Livm.
Photograph by Sam Livm.

Robert Mapplethorpe

Robert Mapplethorpe was born in 1946 in Floral Park, Queens. Of his childhood he said, “I come from suburban America. It was a very safe environment and it was a good place to come from in that it was a good place to leave.”

In 1963, Mapplethorpe enrolled at Pratt Institute in nearby Brooklyn, where he studied drawing, painting, and sculpture. Influenced by artists such as Joseph Cornell and Marcel Duchamp, he also experimented with various materials in mixed-media collages, including images cut from books and magazines. In 1969, he and Patti Smith, whom he had met three years earlier, moved into the Chelsea Hotel. Mapplethorpe acquired a Polaroid camera in 1970 from artist and filmmaker Sandy Daley and began producing his own photographs to incorporate into the collages, saying he felt “it was more honest.”

In 1986, he was diagnosed with AIDS. Despite his illness, he accelerated his creative efforts, broadened the scope of his photographic inquiry, and accepted increasingly challenging commissions. The Whitney Museum of American Art mounted his first major American museum retrospective in 1988, one year before his death in 1989.

His vast, provocative, and powerful body of work has established him as one of the most important artists of the twentieth century. Today Mapplethorpe is represented by galleries in North and South America and Europe and his work can be found in the collections of major museums around the world. Beyond the art historical and social significance of his work, his legacy lives on through the work of the Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation. He established the Foundation in 1988 to promote photography, support museums that exhibit photographic art, and to fund medical research in the fight against AIDS and HIV.”

Look at some of his photography work on the website and

Photograph by Robert Mapplethorpe.
Photograph by Robert Mapplethorpe.

Caitlyn Clester

Originally from Southern California, where she completed her AA in Art History, Caitlyn currently resides in Portland Oregon, where she has received her BFA in Photography at Pacific Northwest College of Art, and is currently finishing her MA in Critical Theory at PNCA’s Hallie Ford School of Graduate Studies.

Caitlyn Clester is an interdisciplinary artist working with the mediums of photography, installation, performance, sculpture, and video. Her work focuses on experiences of sexual assault, trauma, and the process of healing and recovery from violences inflicted onto the body. Her current inquiry lies within how coping mechanisms become violent, and how attempting to construct safety from the outside world, from others touch, inevitably dismisses how that outside world has harbored ones personal perpetuation of violence onto their own bodies.

Caitlyn has been exhibited in many group shows around the Coachella Valley, Portland, and contributed to various art magazines through both editorials and interviews. She has curated an exhibition in Portland, OR in 2017, and has also won the Photography Council Award from the Palm Springs Art Museum in 2016.

Look at her photography work on her website

Photograph by Caitlyn Clester.
Photograph by Caitlyn Clester.

Jayro Montesinos

Jayro Montesinos is a spanish photographer born and grown in Madrid. He
has been living in San Francisco and Lisbon and opened recently his own
studio in the mediterranean city of Valencia. He focus in “male fine art
photography”, try to capture the soul of his models across the corporal
expression. Jayro usually works with semiprofessional dancers. He is doing
photographies in studio for more tan two decades, portraits, still life
and books for models, artists and actors. He started working like assistant
photographer in the magazine ZERO and has been publishing in different
magazines (Germany, USA and Spain), exhibits and art galleries (New York,

Look at some of his photography work on the website

Photograph by Jayro Montesinos.
Photograph by Jayro Montesinos.

Claudia Cruz Barigelli

Born in Havana, Cuba. Grew up in Cuba, Ecuador, Mexico and Spain.

Majored in Communication Studies (Film and Journalism) at the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City DF. Attended the International Master EFTI Photography, Photography School in Madrid.

2006 – worked for the university´s newspaper Ocho80 as a Co-Editor and writer.

2007 – began her career as a photography assistant at Editorial Mapas in Mexico City.

2008 – while doing her social service in Oaxaca, she produced and photographed the progress of the Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca (in spanish APPO) for Al Jazeera with journalist Frank Contreras.

2009 – started collaborating for El Fanzine, a Mexican magazine about music, fashion, photography and art. (

2010 – attended the International Master EFTI program while working as a freelancer in Madrid.

2011 – returned to Mexico City and began working as a teacher at EduMac ( Joined the Getty Images Latin America ( production staff for two months and continued as a freelance photographer.

2012 – joined the Fotografía México team (@fotomex) and is currently freelancing for clients such as Getty Images, El Fanzine, GQ México, Mariachi Films, RockCorps, Palacio de Hierro and others.

2013 – Started working producing audiovisual content for brands and advertising agencies such as Media Option, Cuarto Creativo (Unilever México), DDB México, McDonalds, Jafra México, Hasbro, Todomoda, Grupo Peñafiel, Grupo Bafar, etc.

Look at her photography work on her website

Photography by Claudia Cruz Barigelli.
Photograph by Claudia Cruz Barigelli.

Corwin Prescott

Corwin Prescott is an internationally published fine art photographer based in Portland, OR. Prescott creates poetic visuals for clients in the erotic, fine art, and travel realms, with a focus on empowered subjects and resplendent nature. Prescott’s work is singular in it’s soft reverence for the wild—from bodies that move harmoniously in the world’s most breathtaking landscapes, to sets that inspire a subjects unflinchingly autonomous sensuality.

After graduating from Antonelli Art Institute, Prescott’s work has been featured on Showtime’s “The Affair” as well as in across the US—from the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival to solo shows at Asbury Park’s Parlor Gallery and Philadelphia’s Ven and Vaida. Committed to making art accessible to his supporters, Prescott has published two crow-funded (and subsequently sold out) art books, 50 Models 50 States (2013) and Temperance (2018).

He currently co-runs the only annual nude photography workshop in Iceland, as well as smaller workshops in the PNW. Prescott has been featured in Beautiful Bizarre Magazine, Boing Boing, Juxtapoz, and Autostraddle.

Look at his photography work on his website

Photograph by Corwin Prescott.
Photograph by Corwin Prescott.

Annie Leibovitz

In an interview Annie Leibovitz said, “I wanted to be a journalist. I love Life magazine, I think I have a journalistic streak in me, when you take a picture you want to tell a story. But I felt there was a lot more latitude in portraiture and you could be conceptual. I felt I had a stronger voice with a point of view. 

I think at this point of my life, I feel I’m more a conceptual artist using photography more than I’m a photographer. Photography is big, there are lots of ways to use it. 

When you take a still or a portrait, there is a sense of intimacy if they don’t have their clothes on. Mick Jagger in the 1970s, you couldn’t imagine him with his shirt on, it wasn’t such a big deal not having clothes on. It’s just part of portraiture.”

Click here to see some of her nude photographs.

Annie Leibovitz photographed tennis star Serena Williams for Vanity Fair's cover August 2017. Photo by Annie Leibovitz.
Annie Leibovitz photographed tennis star Serena Williams for Vanity Fair’s cover August 2017. Photo by Annie Leibovitz.

Andy Hunger

“Photography is an intense form of vision for me. A photograph is an
objective form of memory, a nude or portrait photograph is the mirror of
the visual encounter with a human being. A successful mixture of light
play, technique, creativity and the mood of the moment make a photo worth seeing and interesting for the viewer. The aim of my nude photography is not the portrayal of nudity as such, but a successful composition of light and shadow, personality and individual expression of the model. Through very extravagant posing or pure symmetry as well as spontaneous creativity of the team model photographer, I succeed time and again to find new forms and expressions in nude photography.”_Andy Hunger

Look at some of his photography work on the website

Photograph by Andy Hunger.
Photograph by Andy Hunger.

Mario Vidor

Mario Vidor was born in 1948 in Farra di Soligo (Treviso). After his
first pictorial experiences in the Eighties, he focused on photography.
Since 1982 he developed his own research in two directions, starting from
the teaching of last century’s masters of image: historical-scientific
research and creative language. After the publication of his first work
“Sulle terre dei Longobardi” (1989), many other volumes of photography and some singular photolithographic portfolios have followed. In September 1992 in Pontremoli he was awarded the Bancarella Prize for “Semplicemente Italia”. Other awards worth mentioning are: Best Venetian photography, Padua (1996), the “Carlo Goldoni” Award and the “Territorio Odissea 2000” Award (1998) in Macerata for the book “Le torri di Babele” and, in march 2002, in Orvieto (TR), he won the first prize in the category “Creative Photography” with the book “Pagine Bianche” and in May 2003 in Garda (VR) he received the Italian Photography Award from the FIAF (Italian Federation of Photographers’ Associations). He has held over 190 personal exhibitions all over Italy and in France, Germany, U.S.A., People’s
Republic of China and much more.

Look at some of his photography work on the website

Photograph by Mario Vidor.
Photograph by Mario Vidor.

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