Roma (2018 film) and the nude actor.


Actor Jorge Antonio Guerrero. Roma (2018 film).
Actor Jorge Antonio Guerrero. Roma (2018 film).

Jorge Antonio Guerrero Martínez (1993) is a Mexican actor. Recognized for his participation in the series Luis Miguel where he played Cadete Tello and for his role as Fermin in Rome, a film by Alfonso Cuarón.

He has experience in boxing and martial arts, which he began to practice more frequently after the death of his father. As a theater actor he performed in 2016 the staging “Érase una vez Godínez”, presented in Mexico under the direction of Yaride Rizk. That same year he began his participation in Rome.

In December 2018 he was photographed by Colin Dodgson for the American magazine Vogue.

Jorge Antonio has been denied entry to the United States three times and it’s unclear if he will be allowed in the United States of America for the Oscars awards show on February 24, 2019.

Guerrero has been unable to attend any of the film’s celebrations in the United States.

“The first time [I applied] was at the beginning of last year (2018). Back then, I didn’t have anything related to the movie and my intentions were just for tourism. But then I started receiving invitations from Netflix in October and November to attend red carpets and the Golden Globes. I brought a letter that they didn’t want to read, to be honest. In my second try, they said that I was going to work and I told them no, I was going because I was invited. And this last try wasn’t even memorable, it felt like the woman I spoke to was already a little angry. If we could find a way for a person from the consulate or embassy to read these letters, they could understand the artistic need I have and the cultural exchange that’s happening between two nations,” Jorge Antonio told Quien.

I hope Netflix, the Mexican government, etc. can get Jorge Antonio Guerrero Martínez a visa so he can attend the Oscars awards show on February 24, 2019.

Actor Jorge Antonio Guerrero. Roma (2018 film).
Actor Jorge Antonio Guerrero. Roma (2018 film).

Roma is a 2018 drama film written and directed by Alfonso Cuarón, who also produced, co-edited and shot the film. A co-production of Mexico and the United States, it stars Yalitza Aparicio and Marina de Tavira. Set in 1970 and 1971, the film is a semi-autobiographical take on Cuarón’s upbringing in Mexico City, and follows the life of a live-in housekeeper to a middle-class family. The title refers to Colonia Roma, a neighborhood in the city.

Roma had its world premiere at the 75th Venice International Film Festival on 30 August 2018, where it won the Golden Lion. It began a limited theatrical run on 21 November 2018, and began streaming on Netflix on 14 December 2018. The film received universal critical acclaim, with praise directed to Cuarón’s screenplay, direction and cinematography, as well as Aparicio and de Tavira’s performances.

Roma received numerous accolades, including a leading 10 nominations at the 91st Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Foreign Language Film, Best Director, Best Actress (Aparicio) and Best Supporting Actress (de Tavira); it is tied with Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000) for the most Oscar nominations ever received by a foreign-language film. It also won two Golden Globes for Best Director and Best Foreign Language Film at the 76th Golden Globe Awards, and four Critics’ Choice Awards, including Best Director and Best Picture at the 24th Critics’ Choice Awards; it also received seven nominations at the 72nd British Academy Film Awards.

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Actor Jorge Antonio Guerrero. Roma (2018 film).
Actor Jorge Antonio Guerrero. Roma (2018 film).

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