WHY Instagram disabled my account?


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Friday, February 1, 2019. New York City – Instagram disabled my account. I got this message:
“Your account has been disabled for violating our terms.”
What terms? I don’t know.

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Model: Ty.
Model: Ty.

Hello everyone. I love creating artistic nude photographs, erotic photographs and mixed media artworks (nude photographs and acrylic paintings). I love photography, and art in general.

Model: Toni.
Model: Toni.

Why should You support my work?
I have have the opportunity to create nude photographs with some amazing models. I am very grateful with all of them. All my work is FREE. Models get FREE photos for their personal use. I love creating art so your help in keeping creating is beyond helpful.

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Let’s create art for the world. The world loves art!

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Model: Mo.
Model: Mo.

What is my goal?
If Six Hundred Dollars is reached I will be able to buy new prop and costume items for models to wear in shoots. I would also be able to do this more often and I will be able to create much more amazing nude and erotic photographs and mixed media artworks.

Where will your money go?
It will be use to buy props, costumes,, editing software, website hosting fees, equipment, transportation, Internet, snacks for models, etc..

What do you get in return?
You receive my eternal appreciation and you will also receive exclusive content. As my Patreon, you will have access to photographs that I do not show on my website. Click here to see the different tiers. Donate as much as you can. You can always change it if your financial situation changes.

Do you want to pose for me?
I am interested in collaborating with women and men. You do not have to be a professional model. People who practice yoga, dancers, nudists, etc. are welcome. If you are in NYC and you are interested in posing for me, send me a message.

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I love Autumn colors. Let’s Create Art with your Body and Mother Nature! Model: Ivan.
Model: Ivan.

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